We are committed to educating the next generation to thrive and lead in a complex and challenging society.

Dr. Michael B. Stewart
Board of Trustees Chair
Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School

Our Mission

Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School develops in students a love of learning, respect for self and others, faith in God, and a sense of service to the world community.

Strategic Plan
Executive Summary

Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School has launched an aspirational multi-year program of strategic advancement focused on key areas that shape how we fulfill our mission. The strategic planning process began in Fall 2017 and is designed with the ultimate purpose to be a vibrant school community of well-rounded intellectual adventurers.

Our educational philosophy invites students to explore and discover their passions in academics, the arts, athletics and service. The challenging academic curriculum and global opportunities prepare students for higher education and emphasizes learning as a pathway toward ethical leadership.

We are a welcoming environment that embraces the differences inherent in a diverse community and embodies the inclusive Episcopal tradition of respect for the dignity of others. We are committed to educating the next generation to thrive and lead in a complex and challenging society and this strategic plan is designed for this purpose.

We have framed the 2019-2024 Strategic Plan through six pillars >>>













Pillar I

HIES Culture

Intensify Our Focus on Developing Well-Rounded Students by Providing Opportunities to Excel in Academics, Arts, Athletics and Service

Review and modify schedule to encourage collaboration, depth and flexibility.
Promote student opportunities through equity and access.
Ensure the social, emotional and spiritual well-being of our students.

Strengthen Our ‘One School’ Commitment

Develop more connections and experiences across divisions.

Enhance Our Sense of Community and School Spirit

Cultivate a sense of belonging from the very first visit.
Further engage our families, faculty and staff in the life of our school.
Strengthen relationships with HIES alumni.

Pillar II

Episcopal Values

Clearly Articulate Our Unique Identity

Strengthen the HIES culture rooted in our Episcopal values.
Communicate effectively with all stakeholders.
Capture stories and traditions that magnify our brand across multiple platforms.

Increase the Diversity of Our Faculty, Student Body, and Board

Foster cultural competency in the curriculum, in the classroom and in student life.
Articulate and measure a broad set of diversity priorities.

Pillar III

Excellence in
Teaching & Learning

Excel in Academics

Reimagine and maximize relevance in the curriculum.
Ensure an integrated curriculum with application
of research-proven instructional methodologies.
Continue comprehensive curriculum reviews across all disciplines.
Apply personalized, multidisciplinary learning to maximize student success.
Implement a full PK3-12 STEAM curriculum.
Enhance the PK3-12 Humanities curriculum to promote shared inquiry.

Expand Opportunities for Global Learning for All Students

Maximize the benefit of our Round Square Network membership.

Attract, Develop and Retain Exceptional Faculty and Staff

Improve evaluation and feedback.
Implement a model of continuous improvement.
Increase opportunities for professional development and learning.

Pillar IV

Discover Passions

Establish an Institute for Leadership and Learning that Maximizes the Potential of Each Student to Succeed in College and Beyond

Encourage students to go deep into their area(s) of interest.
Offer year-round entrepreneurship, community service and experiential learning that allow students to envision their future.
Engage with HIES alumni and the metro Atlanta community for partnerships, internships and student opportunities.
Maintain personalized college counseling and introduce in earlier grade.

Provide a Robust Menu of Enrichment Programs that Build Life Skills

Foster practical life management skills.

Develop Socially Conscious Leaders

Review approach to intentional PK3-12 service learning.


Campus Transformation

Plan and Complete a Comprehensive Capital Campaign Campus Master Plan with New Facilities with Innovative and Experiential Learning in Mind and Campus Improvements

New Facilities with Innovative and Experiential Learning in Mind
Lower School Building
Upper School Humanities Building
Performing Arts Center
Athletic Facilities

Campus Improvements
Pedestrian-Friendly Connectivity
Wayfinding and Lighting
Technology Infrastructure


Institutional &
Financial Stewardship

Enable Families to Access an HIES Education

Increase availability of tuition assistance.
Review tuition assistance purpose, guidelines and priorities
and communicate to the school community.

Build the Endowment

Emphasize planned giving.

Increase Annual Fundraising

Develop effective institutional advancement practices.
Further engage alumni and family.
Maximize community resources.

Assure Optimal Governance

Maintain a high functioning Board with leadership succession planning.
Create a fresh Board profile tied to the strategic plan.
Review and recommend bylaw changes that support the school’s advancement.

Maintain Financial Health

Implement a strategic, rolling, five-year financial model.
Monitor progress utilizing a dashboard that tracks progress.


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Atlanta, GA 30327
(404) 303-2150www.hies.org